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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an AOC?
A: An AOC (Air Operators Certificate) is a licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority allowing the holder to fly helicopters for remuneration. Without this certificate it is illegal to fly paying passengers when undertaking Commercial Air Transport (CAT) work.

Q: How High Do You Fly?
A: Helicopter generally transit between 1500ft and 2000ft above ground level. Helicopters can operate down to 1000ft above a built up area and twin engine helicopters, with permission may operate to 750ft ‘above the highest fixed object’. For filming and photography requirements aircraft can descend to 200ft above ground level (with permission).

Q: Can you land safely in a helicopter if the engine fails?
A: Yes. The procedure is called an autorotation, it is similar to the principle seen in the flight of a sycamore seed, the blades of the helicopter continue to rotate after an engine failure.

Q: Are the aircraft insured?
A: Yes. All aircraft have to be insured to certain levels. For further information relating to levels of insurance or insurance requirements please contact us.

Q: Can I fly the helicopter?
A: When the helicopter is being used on commercial work the answer is no. The easiest way to fly is to contact a training organisation and enjoy a lesson.

Q: Can a helicopter land anywhere?
A: There is of course legislation regarding where helicopters can land. In principle with the site being suitable and approved for the aircraft being flown, the operator has the land owners permission and any permissions have been gained yes the helicopter can land anywhere.

Q: How many passengers can be flown?
A: All helicopters are different, the largest capacity helicopter Crest Aviation operate is currently 6 passengers plus 1 pilot. There are other aircraft which fly larger number of people please refer to the fleet for more information or contact us.

Q: Can helicopters fly at night?
A: Yes. There are certain types of helicopter which are permitted to fly at night. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How far can you fly?
A: The endurance / range of a helicopter varies with type however it is very dependent upon the number of passengers being flown or weight of cargo, equipment or luggage being carried. For example a Jet Ranger with 4 passengers on board with no luggage may fly for up to 2 hours (200nm) before requiring fuel.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.